Residential Garbage, Recycle and Yard Debris

Recycling Schedule

Curbside Recycling: Every other Tuesday

Recycling is every two weeks for each residence.  Schedule “A” will be the West side of Howe St & Rivermist.   Schedule “B” will be the East side of Howe St.

The following items may be placed in your recycling container:

  • Aluminum and steel cans (clean)
  • Newspapers, mixed papers, junk mail, magazines and paperboard (i.e. cereal boxes)
  • Plastic containers #1-#5, #7
  • Corrugated cardboard (boxes must be broken down & flattened)
  • Green, brown and clear glass containers (clean)

Old soda bottles and empty milk jugs are no longer just garbage. They must be recycled. A new state law took effect October 1, 2009 that prohibits all plastic bottles from being disposed of in landfills. For several years, the City of Southport has offered curbside recycling to all residences within our city limits. The City provides a blue recycling cart that is picked up bi-weekly. We are encouraging all residents who have not participated in this program to please do so.

If you do not have a cart, please contact our Public Services Department at (910) 457-7935

We are encouraging everyone to take a personal responsibility in doing their part to recycle.

The county convenience site will accept recyclables at no charge.

Administration Staff

New Services and Billing  |  Tel: (910) 457-7900

Department of Public Services
1010 North Howe Street, Southport, NC 28461   |   (910) 457-7935

Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 7:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Public Services Director
David Fox   |   Tel: (910) 457-7935

Assistant Public Services Director
Tom Stanley   |   Tel: (910) 457-7935

Department Administrative Assistant
Jackie Smith  |  Tel: (910) 457-7935

Garage Supervisor
Kevin Alley  |   Tel: (910) 457-7935

Garbage and Yard Debris

Recycle/Yard Debris, Residential, inside city limits  – $10.33 per month

(not available for outside city limits, vacant lots or commercial property)

Safety First

  • Completely extinguish charcoal grilling coals. If hot ashes are dumped into the trash truck, a fire will start. Over the last several years we have had several on board trash fires and actually lost a truck in 2012.
  • Please bag trash. When drivers dump the carts into the truck, the ash dust, etc. can fly into their face and eyes. This creates a safety hazard for the crew. They do wear safety glasses but they still get covered.

Household Garbage: Every Tuesday

For questions about pickup: Waste Industries, A GFL Company

GFL Environmental will only pick up household garbage if it is in the proper container (95-gallon roll out cart). Please do not mix household garbage with recycles and/or yard waste; do not mix one waste with any other waste. Please have container to curb by 6 a.m.

Note: Cart roll out for handicapped persons will be provided upon request and completion of required paperwork.

Yard Debris: Every Wednesday

Yard Debris will only be serviced if:

  • Placed in approved resident owned and maintained 95-gallon roll out cart with  designated Yard Waste Decal OR
  • In biodegradable paper bags (no plastic bags of any type accepted) OR
  • Bundles must be securely tied in 5′ lengths and a maximum of 50 lbs. in weight.

The City does not provide roll out containers. They may be purchased from Construction Waste Management, if available (910-755-6411) or any other available source.

The following will be picked up, per residence (choice of one):

  • 2 approved 95-gallon yard debris roll out carts with decal, plus 2 bundles OR
  • 1 approved 95-gallon yard debris roll out cart with decal, plus 5 biodegradable paper bags, plus 2 bundles OR
  • 10 biodegradable bags plus 2 bundles.

Yard debris will not be serviced if:

  • Trash or recycle carts are used.
  • Trash or recycle is mixed in with yard waste in approved yard waste cart.
  • No vacant lots will be serviced.

No  Recycle or Yard Debris pickup for commercial accounts.

County Solid Waste Convenience Site
Trash, Yard Waste & Recycling Site
8392 River Rd (Hwy 133)
Southport NC 28461
Get Directions
Phone: 457-9484
Hours: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.

IMPORTANT: There is no pickup service for white goods, brown goods (mattresses, furniture & other bulk items) construction debris, lot clearing & tree removal or hazardous waste. Disposal is the responsibility of the resident. The convenience site (above) accepts some of those items for a fee. Please note that all electronics are banned from the land fill. They must be disposed of at a separate location at the land fill site. No electrons are accepted at the convenience site.

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