Water, Sewer, Electricity, Solid Waste, Public Road Maintenance

Public Services

The goal of the City of Southport’s Public Services Department is to provide full-service utilities to the citizens of Southport with the quality and care expected in a tightly-knit community. Our responsiveness and attention to detail help to contribute to Southport’s high quality of life. The Public Services Department strives to meet the challenges of our unique community and exceed the expectations of our citizens.

Public Services Staff

Department of Public Services
1010 North Howe Street, Southport, NC 28461   |   (910) 457-7935

Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 7:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Public Services Director
David Fox   |   Tel: (910) 457-7935

Department Administrative Assistant
Donna Boyan   |   Tel: (910) 457-7935

Electrical Superintendent
Paul ‘Ellie’ Pittenger   |   Tel: (910) 457-7938

Water Distribution ORC
Tom Stanley  |   Tel: (910) 457-7935

Garage Supervisor
Kevin Alley  |   Tel: (910) 457-7935

All questions about utility billing should be directed to the Finance Department
Tel: (910) 457-7900

After Hours (EMERGENCY ONLY): (910) 457-7935

Electrical Service Interuptions

The City of Southport does not guarantee continuous and uninterrupted electric service and shall not be liable for loss or damage caused by any failure to supply electricity or by any interruption or reversal of the supply of electricity unless due to the negligence of the City.

The customer shall notify the 24 Hour Emergency number promptly at 800-682-5309 of any defect in service or of any trouble or irregularity in the electric supply. In no event shall the City be responsible for any damage resulting during the customer’s delay in notifying the City of such trouble or irregularity.

Rates and Fees

For information on various rates and fees, please visit the finance page.

Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG)

Beat the Grease Goblin!

Did you know that most sanitary sewer backups occur between your home and the town’s sewer main? You can help prevent a costly and unsanitary overflow by following a few simple steps.


  1. Scrape excess grease in a container and dispose of in the garbage.
  2. Place food scraps in waste containers or garbage bags for disposal with solid wastes, or start a compost pile; promote use of scraping ware prior to washing.
  3. Place a wastebasket in the bathroom to dispose of solid wastes. Disposable diapers, condoms and personal hygiene products do not belong in the sewer system.
  4. Promote the concept of “3 R’s”: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.


  1. Pour grease, fats and oils from cooking down the drain.
  2. Use the toilet as a wastebasket.
  3. Use the sewer as a means of disposing food scraps.

Municipal Sewer Use Ordinance

Each year there are more than 15,000 sewer overflows in North Carolina. Many of these overflows are directly related to the improper disposal of oil and grease in kitchen drains. Grease congeals on sewer pipes, which causes wastewater to flow back into homes and businesses or directly into waterways.

Discharging oil and grease into municipal sewer pipes is 100% preventable. For further information on Southport’s municipal sewer use ordinance, contact David Fox at (910) 457-7958 or (910) 457-7935. You can make a difference!

Energy Saving Tips

Recycling Information

Please take personal responsibility to recycle!

Old soda bottles and empty milk jugs are no longer just garbage. They must be recycled. A new state law took effect October 1, 2009 that prohibits all plastic bottles from being disposed of in landfills. For several years, the City of Southport has offered curbside recycling to all residences within our city limits. The City provides a blue recycling cart that is picked up bi-weekly. We are encouraging all residents who have not participated in this program to please do so.

If you do not have a cart, please contact our Public Services Department at (910) 457-7935

For businesses and residences outside the City limits, Brunswick County offers a Drop-off Facility in the Southport area.

County Solid Waste Collection & Recycling Site
8392 River Rd (Hwy 133)
Southport NC 28461
Get Directions
Tel: (910) 457-9484
Hours: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.
There is no charge for dropping off recycled items.

We are encouraging everyone to take a personal responsibility in doing their part to recycle. Other items that can be recycled are:

  • Aluminum and steel cans (clean)
  • Newspapers, mixed papers, junk mail, magazines and paperboard (i.e. cereal boxes)
  • #1-#5 & #7 plastic containers
  • Corrugated cardboard (boxes must be broken down & flattened)
  • Green, brown and clear glass containers (clean)

Waste Industries mergers with GFL Environmental

On November 15, 2018, Waste Industries completed a merger with GFL Environmental.

You will still be serviced by the same team of professionals you’ve come to know with your time working with Waste Industries, maintaining their commitment to a safe, sustainable, and honest service unlike any other in the industry.

• Your local team is the same team you’ve always known, still servicing your account the way they always have.
This means you’ll submit payments the same way, call the same local branch, and have your waste and recycling collected by the same driver.

• In the future, you’ll see Waste Industries move to www.gflenv.com, but for the time being they will continue to use www.wasteindustries.com and will update you when they are prepared to transition to a new and improved website.

• All your account details are the same, so you can still log into your online account at www.wasteindustries.com, use your same account number when you call on your statement, and update your account by calling or going online as usual.

Over the coming months you’ll see trucks, containers, and uniforms begin to switch to the new colors.

Should you have any questions or concerns about the transition, please do not hesitate to contact GFL Environmental at the same number you’ve always used. You can also visit online at www.gflenv.com to learn more about their history brand.

Residential Garbage, Recycling and Yard Debris


Waste Industries will only pick up household garbage if it is in the proper container (95-gallon roll out cart) provide by Waste Industries. Please do not mix household garbage with recycles and/or yard waste; do not mix one waste with any other waste. Please have container to curb by 6 am.

For additional information, 910-457-7900.

Safety First

  • Completely extinguish charcoal grilling coals. If hot ashes are dumped into the trash truck, a fire will start. Over the last several years we have had several on board trash fires and actually lost a truck in 2012.Please bag trash. When drivers dump the carts into the truck, the ash dust, etc. can fly into their face and eyes. This creates a safety hazard for the crew. They do wear safety glasses but they still get covered.

Household Garbage: Every Tuesday

Pickup is very early in the AM so please have your carts to the street the night before.

Note: Cart roll out for handicapped persons will be provided by Waste Industries upon request and completion of required paperwork.

The following items may be placed in your recycling container:

  • Aluminum and steel cans (clean)
  • Newspapers, mixed papers, junk mail, magazines and paperboard (i.e. cereal boxes)
  • Plastic containers #1-#5, #7
  • Corrugated cardboard (boxes must be broken down & flattened)
  • Green, brown and clear glass containers (clean)

Yard Waste: Every Wednesday

Yard Waste will only be serviced if:

  • Placed in approved resident owned and maintained 95-gallon roll out cart with Waste Industries designated Yard Waste Decal OR
  • In biodegradable paper bags (no plastic bags of any type accepted) OR
  • Bundles must be securely tied in 5′ lengths and a maximum of 50 lbs. in weight.

Waste Industries will only pick up the following yard waste per residence (choice of one):

  • 2 approved 95-gallon Yard Waste roll out carts with Waste Industries decal, plus 2 bundles OR
  • 1 approved 95-gallon Yard Waste roll out cart with Waste Industries decal, plus 5 biodegradable paper bags, plus 2 bundles OR
  • 10 biodegradable bags plus 2 bundles.

Yard Waste will not be serviced if:

  • Trash or recycle carts are used.
  • Trash or recycle is mixed in with yard waste in approved yard waste cart.
  • No vacant lots will be serviced.

Recycling Schedule

Curbside Recycling: Every other Tuesday

Beginning April 1, 2019,

The new schedule will still be every two weeks for each residence, as it has been in the past, but Schedule “A” will be the West side of Howe St & Rivermist.   Schedule “B” will be the East side of Howe St.

The county convenience site will accept recyclables at no charge.

County Solid Waste Convenience
Trash, Yard Waste & Recycling Site
8392 River Rd (Hwy 133)
Southport NC 28461
Phone: 457-9484
Hours: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.

IMPORTANT: There is no pickup service for white goods, brown goods (mattresses, furniture & other bulk items) construction debris, lot clearing & tree removal or hazardous waste. Disposal is the responsibility of the resident. The convenience site (above) accepts some of those items for a fee. Please note that all electronics are banned from the land fill. They must be disposed of at a separate location at the land fill site. No electrons are accepted at the convenience site.

Request for Utility Service

(1) Original Application for Service: Any customer requesting service must complete a utility application. The customer will sign the application and provide the following: Driver’s license or Photo I.D., Social Security number (or Federal Tax ID number for a business account) deed/settlement statement, lease agreement, or written authorization from landlord.

(2)  Time of Application: The City will strive to meet customers’ needs for connection of service. Normal connection will be made the same day as the request if submitted by 12:00 p.m.

(3) Application Fee: The customer shall pay a NON-REFUNDABLE application fee to begin utility service. See fee schedule.

(4) Prior Debts: The City of Southport may not provide utility service to an applicant who is indebted to the City for service previously furnished until all indebtedness has been satisfied.

(5) Residential Deposits: Residential customers may be required to pay a deposit to begin utility service. Deposits are based on information obtained from credit reports through Experian. See fee schedule.

(6) Commercial Deposits: Commercial account deposits are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and are generally 2 times the average bill amount or 2 times the base amount, whichever is greater.

(7) Good Credit History:  Is defined as no late payments, delinquent charges, extension, bad checks or involuntary disconnections.

(8) Future Deposits: Any customer whose service is involuntarily terminated for either non- payment, meter tampering, or other reasons may be required to pay an additional cash deposit prior to reconnecting service.

(9) Refunding of Deposits: Deposits will be refunded promptly to the customer when service is voluntarily discontinued. The deposit will be applied to the customer’s outstanding balance on the final bill. Any remaining deposit will automatically be refunded to the customer. The deposit will not be refunded if the customer has another account with a past due balance. Any remaining credit on the account will be transferred to the other account(s).

(10) The customer may request their deposit be refunded after 2 years of service with a good credit history.  (See Good Credit History above).

Additional Information and Applications

Customer Rights and Responsibilities


1. Request his/her deposit be refunded, providing bills are paid promptly as defined in section entitled Definition of Good Credit, or discontinues service from the City.

2. Request, free of charge, historic billing and usage information.

3. If a utility department cannot find any reason for usage changes, the customer may request one (1) free meter test per year. The customer has a right to the results of this test. A fee will be charged for additional meter tests. See Fee Schedule.

4. Request a review of any complaint according to the grievance procedure.


1. To establish credit in at least one or more of the following ways:
a. Pay a cash deposit.
b. Provide a lease agreement in the customer’s name.
c. Provide proof of land ownership.
d. Provide a copy of your driver’s license or other government issued photo identification.

2. Allow utility department personnel access to your property to set up and maintain service.

3. Pay bills by the due date shown on each monthly bill.

4. Notify the utility department if there is someone in the household who is either seriously ill, handicapped or on a life support system.
a. Notification shall include verification, in writing, from a medical doctor.
b. This information will be reviewed and updated in January and June of each year.

5. Notify the Public Services Department if you have questions or complaints about service.

6. Be aware of City-owned property at your home or business and safeguard it.

7. Install, maintain and repair wiring in your home or business.

8. The City provides utility service for the sole use and convenience of the premises under contract. The customer will ensure that utility service is not given or resold to a neighbor or tenant. Violation of this policy will be cause for immediate disconnection of service.

9. It is the customer’s responsibility to get rid of cardboard boxes resulting from a move. The boxes must be flattened (broken down) and can be brought to the:

County Solid Waste Collection & Recycling Site
8392 River Rd (Hwy 133), Southport NC 28461
Tel: (910) 457-9484
Hours: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.
Please see Residential Garbage & Yard Debris for more information.

City of Southport

Wastewater Collection System

City Rights and Responsibilities


  • To access the City’s utility facilities.
  • To receive notice of change in address, status of utility service, or problems with utility service.
  • To receive timely payment for services delivered to a home/business.
  • The appropriate department of the City is allowed to take action in court regarding equipment tampering or financial delinquencies.


  • Refund the customer’s deposit if conditions are met.
  • Give written notice at least 10 calendar days before service is interrupted for failure to pay. The notice will explain the reason for disconnection and the date when service will be disconnected. The notice will respect a customer’s right to privacy regarding publication of debt.
  • Avoid disconnection for non-payment during extreme weather conditions.
  • Avoid disconnection for non-payment after 4 p.m. on a Friday, or a weekend, or on a holiday, except when conditions in Extension Agreement are not met or when a returned check is not picked up within the required time period.
  • Provide and explain rate schedules, how meters are read, and other additional, reasonable information.
  • Respond to questions or concerns from customers. The City may not agree with the concern but pledges prompt, courteous and honest answers.
  • Provide historic billing and usage information when requested by customer.


All irrigation meters in the City of Southport are required to have a backflow prevention device.  This device is designed to ensure potable water provided by the City remains safe throughout the water distribution system.

New irrigation meters (and existing irrigation meters that have been removed or turned off) should follow the following procedures.

If a new meter is requested for irrigation, the customer will need to contact the City of Southport to request an irrigation tap.

Once the irrigation tap is installed by the City of Southport, the customer will then contact a plumber to install the backflow prevention device.  Once the device is installed, the customer will notify the City of Southport and the device will be inspected by a County certified inspector (at the City’s cost).  Once the inspection is complete and the device is approved, the county will send results to the City and the City will install the irrigation meter.

After the meter is installed, the customer must have the backflow prevention device tested for proper operation by a 3rd party certified backflow tester prior to using the meter.  The cost for this testing is the responsibility of the customer.  When this testing is complete, the report should be forwarded to the City by the customer.  Once the report is received indicating the device passed testing, the water will be turned on by Public Works Department.

All backflow prevention devices are required to be re-tested annually by a third party.

Please note these measures are not only required by the City, they are in place to ensure the safety of our water supply.

Local Certified Backflow Testers

  • Brunswick Plumbing – Southport NC – 910.457.1709
  • Eversole Plumbing – Southport NC – 910.845.2393
  • Sunny Wright – Brunswick Co – 910.880.4178
  • Hughes Plumbing – Ocean Isle – 910.575.3217
  • Reeves Plumbing – Ocean Isle – 910.579.2946
  • Jewell Plumbing – Oak Island – 910.278.5966
  • Winnabow Plumbing – Southport – 910.253.4184
  • Michael Thompson – Southport – 910.454.9978

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