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Todd Coring, Police Chief
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Southport Police Department
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Front Desk / Records Office Hours
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Submit a Tip

If you have any information regarding any crime that has occurred in the City of Southport please let us know. Reporting crime keeps Southport safer for you and all citizens. Please fill out the form using the button below, then click the “Submit” button. You can choose to remain completely anonymous by leaving the reporting person’s information blank. Or, if you would like us to contact you, please complete the reporting person’s information section. Within the limits of the law, all information will be kept confidential.

Tips submitted on the weekend will be reviewed on Monday morning. Tips submitted during the week but after normal business hours will be reviewed the following morning.

The quickest way to report even the smallest infraction of the law is to call 9-1-1. You will NOT get in trouble. All officers are dispatched through 9-1-1 NOT through the Southport Police Dept. The Southport Police Department phone is ONLY capable of handling non-emergency calls.

When should you use 9-1-1?

Nine-one-one (9-1-1) is only to be used in emergency situations. An emergency is any situation that requires immediate assistance from the police/sheriff, the fire department or an ambulance. If you are ever in doubt of whether a situation is an emergency you should call 9-1-1. It’s better to be safe and let the 9-1-1 call taker determine if you need emergency assistance.

Do not call 9-1-1

  • for information
  • for directory assistance
  • when you’re bored and just want to talk
  • for paying traffic tickets
  • for your pet
  • as a prank

If you call 9-1-1 by mistake, do not hang up. Tell the call taker what happened so they know there really isn’t an emergency.

For more information about using the 911 emergency call system please click here.

To Protect and Serve

Southport Police Department

We of the Southport Police Department recognize our obligation to help maintain a safe and secure community. We acknowledge our contribution to the quality of life within the community. The provision of quality police services with the highest professional standards is our primary aspiration.

We intend to fulfill the challenging responsibilities through active participation in the following shared values:

Service To Our Community: We value the opportunity to provide service which is courteous, responsive, firm, efficient and fair. We regard the members of our community as partners and indispensable resources in a combined policing effort. Respect for the individual worth, dignity, and rights of all those we serve is the foundation of our department.

Integrity: We value and expect truth, honesty, and ethical behavior from the members of our organization. We are committed to upholding our position of public trust by maintaining the highest ethical standards and the utmost respect for the ordinances and laws of our city, state, and nation. Our role as peace keepers and enforcers of the law will not be compromised.

Employees: We value our fellow employees as the most important organizational asset. We realize our success depends on mutual respect, cooperation, and recognition of our co-workers. All employees will receive equitable and fair treatment and be provided the proper tools and training necessary to meet organizational goals and objectives.

Professionalism: We value the spirit of professionalism, having a clear sense of commitment, perspective, and direction. We encourage it by creating an environment that promotes teamwork, innovation, and constant evaluation of ourselves.

Pride and Enjoyment in Our Profession: We value our work as a source of enjoyment and satisfaction, we are proud our community, and our department, our accomplishments in the service, and our steadfast commitment to the protection of the Peace and Dignity of all the citizens we protect. We possess a great sense of pride serving our chosen profession with the Southport Police Department.

Department Services

Help For Our Citizens

The Southport Police Department has several programs focusing on community issues such as child welfare, we care, house check, safe driving in school zones and neighborhoods, and drug use. The department also works closely with community advisory councils within the community to strengthen the relationship between members of the community and police. For more information about these services please call (910) 457-7911.

“We Care” Calling Program

 What is the “We Care” Calling Program

The “We Care” calling program is a FREE telephone reassurance service offered by the Southport Police Department.  This program is designed to enhance the quality of life for older adults, adults with disabilities, or those who live alone or who are at risk of sudden illness, falls, accidents, and/or social isolation.

Through this program, the Southport Police Department places a daily call to each person enrolled at a specified time. If no response is received, an Officer is dispatched to the residence to ensure the person’s safety.

How the Program Works

Staff with the Southport Police Department will call subscribers at their pre-determined time each day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. If the subscriber is okay, we will record that information on our daily log.

If the subscriber does not answer the phone, a second call will be placed.  If no response to the second call an Officer will be dispatched to make contact with the subscriber.  If needed the provided key holder will be called by the Officer to respond to assist checking on the subscriber.  Together they will take the necessary steps to make personal contact with the subscriber to assure they are OK.

If the subscriber is not going to be home at the time of the call (out of town, doctor’s appointments, etc.), they will be asked to call our Office to leave a message indicating they will not be home.

It is important to note that our “We Care” calling program is not intended to take the place of Lifeline, Life phone, or any other service that one might currently be utilized. In fact, we urge people to use those services in addition to our “We Care” calling program.

Program Application Services

Anyone interested in signing up for our “We Care” calling program is asked to fill out a short form which includes personal, medical and other information which Officers may need in the event of an emergency. It is also required that subscribers provide at least two contacts (a relative or neighbor) that possess keys to their residence in the event Officers need to enter the residence to check on the subscriber.

All information will be kept confidential and secure at the Southport Police Department. A waiver of liability is also required to be completed and signed.

For more information on our “We Care” calling program you can call our Office, 910-457-7911 and ask or go to our webpage, under Police Department and print the application.  Once complete drop it by our Office for processing.   Applicants will get a follow up call from our Office confirming their application, screening and acceptance information.

Car Seat Installation Program

Southport Police Department became a permanent Car Safety Passenger Seat Permanent Checking Station in 2011. The program is designed so that parents and caregivers can transport their families safely. Parents and caregivers are provided information that allows them to use their restraints correctly along with a hands on service to make sure child restraints are installed and used correctly.

Here are some links to resource sites that can provide useful information regarding child passenger seats.

Buckle Up NC     |    Safe Kids

Citizens with Special Needs

House Check Program

The House Check program sends an officer to your home to verify all is in good standing while you are out of town.

Fireworks in Southport

Laws and Guidelines for Safe Fireworks Use

There are 3 basic forms of fireworks:

  1. Commercial–Display
  2. Dangerous
  3. Consumer

Commercial firework displays are typically used for display for large public audiences. They are maintained and monitored by licensed pyro-technicians and the Fire Department during the setup and launching process. A permit from the city is required to possess and discharge such pyrotechnics.

Dangerous fireworks are explosives such as M-80’s, firecrackers and even small firecrackers known as “Lady Fingers”. It is illegal to possess or discharge such fireworks anywhere in North Carolina.

Specifically prohibited fireworks are: Explosive or aerial fireworks, roman candles, and rockets or similar devices.

Consumer fireworks are permitted in some North Carolina counties, unincorporated areas and cities. In Southport, it is illegal to possess or discharge any fireworks even if they were legally purchased outside of the city. It is even illegal to possess those items on the beach under the same law.

Specifically permitted fireworks are: Sparklers, fountains, smoke devices, snake and glow worms, trick noisemakers, and toy pistol caps.

Additionally, the dangerous practice of shooting a gun into the air is illegal.

Please consider your fellow neighbors and remember these laws and warnings.

Useful Links

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