All irrigation meters in the City of Southport are required to have a backflow prevention device.  This device is designed to ensure potable water provided by the City remains safe throughout the water distribution system.

New irrigation meters (and existing irrigation meters that have been removed or turned off) should follow the following procedures.

If a new meter is requested for irrigation, the customer will need to contact the City of Southport to request an irrigation tap.

Once the irrigation tap is installed by the City of Southport, the customer will then contact a plumber to install the backflow prevention device.  Once the device is installed, the customer will notify the City of Southport and the device will be inspected by a County certified inspector (at the City’s cost).  Once the inspection is complete and the device is approved, the county will send results to the City and the City will install the irrigation meter.

After the meter is installed, the customer must have the backflow prevention device tested for proper operation by a 3rd party certified backflow tester prior to using the meter.  The cost for this testing is the responsibility of the customer.  When this testing is complete, the report should be forwarded to the City by the customer.  Once the report is received indicating the device passed testing, the water will be turned on by Public Works Department.

All backflow prevention devices are required to be re-tested annually by a third party.

Please note these measures are not only required by the City, they are in place to ensure the safety of our water supply.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


Local Certified Backflow Testers

Brunswick Plumbing – Southport NC – 910.457.1709

Eversole Plumbing – Southport NC – 910.845.2393

Sunny Wright – Brunswick Co – 910.880.4178

Hughes Plumbing – Ocean Isle – 910.575.3217

Reeves Plumbing – Ocean Isle – 910.579.2946

Jewell Plumbing – Oak Island – 910.278.5966

Winnabow Plumbing – Southport – 910.253.4184