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Date: April 23, 2020
From: Chris May – Interim City Manager
To: Retail businesses opening while awaiting designation as essential
RE: NC Governor’s Executive Order 121 and 131 Required Compliance Measures for Safe Operation of Essential Businesses.

1. Many businesses have applied for designation as essential, and after receiving acknowledgement from NCDOR, are remaining open pending official approval notification from NCDOR. A copy of the original email acknowledgement from NCDOR shall be posted on the business entry door. The posted copy shall be for the specific business only, and not a copy from another site. Creating counterfeit NCDOR notices is a criminal offense!

2. The NC EO 131 expands on requirements for maintaining safe social distancing as set forth below:

a. The capacity inside the business cannot exceed 20% of the fire code capacity, or five (5) customers/1000 sq. ft.

b. Staff shall be posted at the business entry to enforce the capacity rule.

c. Signs shall be posted at the business entry to advise the public of the occupancy mandate.

d. Floors shall be marked with tape or some type of marking designating six (6) foot intervals moving away from each cash register. Throughout the business at choke points, signs shall be posted reminding patrons of the six (6) foot distancing requirement.

e. Aisles shall be marked with arrows to designate one-way traffic to maintain social distancing.

f. The business entry shall post a six (6) foot marker coming in the doorway.

g. Personal protective gear (cloth face masks and nitrile gloves) shall be worn at all times by employees. Customers shall also wear face masks and gloves to enter.

h. Employees shall frequently wash hands with soap and warm water.

i. The entire business should be sprayed with disinfectant at frequent intervals.


04/24/2020: (this information supersedes previous updates)
Brunswick County Schools facilities will be closed to students for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year, per order of Governor Roy Cooper, due to the impacts of the Coronavirus/COVID19.
So, what does that mean for the BCS community? 
  • Remote learning continues.  Our schools and educators will continue to offer educational resources and activities for all students to take part in at home for focus and engagement as the schools have since having to close the building doors in March.
  • We strongly encourage all students and parents to stay in a remote learning routine with their teachers while BCS works with state and federal officials on the next steps for the district.
  • The State Board of Education has given guidance on grading for the 2019-2020 school year.  Elementary School students will receive no final grades. Teachers will provide year-end feedback to students.  Middle School students will receive a pass or withdrawal for each course.  A withdrawal is for students who were not passing the course as of March 13 but does not equate to a failing grade.  High School students in grades 9-11 will have the option of getting the numerical grades they had as of March 13 or can get a pass or withdrawal.  The withdrawal does not count as a failing grade but the student will not get a course credit.  Numerical grades will be factored into their GPA, a pass or withdrawal will not.  More information will be available soon.

School buildings may be closed but administrators and educators are dedicated to adapting to the challenges the world is going through at this time so that our students get the education they all deserve. We will grow through this era, together!

More updates will be coming to you as we receive additional guidance from the NC Department of Public Instruction and other state and federal agencies working with school systems across the state. We truly appreciate your support of Brunswick County Schools.
3/23/2020: (this information supersedes previous updates)
Per Governor Cooper, all public schools will be closed to students as instructional settings through May 15, 2020. We will have additional information for students and staff soon with continued updates posted on the district website when available.
STAFF: Right now, this means we continue as we have for the past week, operating as optional work days for staff while closed to in-person teaching for students.  Please see supervisor for additional information on work opportunities.
MEAL PICKUPS: Meal pickup services continue for all students at the high schools.  Breakfast and lunch pickup meals are now available Monday through Friday for all students from 11am to 1pm at the three high school campuses. There is no charge for this service.  Parents who can not travel to a food distribution site at one of our high schools should contact their child’s school between 9am and 2pm so that we can gather information on the needs. Please eat perishable food within’ two hours of pickup.  Milk should be consumed or refrigerated immediately.


Breakfast and lunch pickup meals are now available Monday through Friday for all students from 11am to 1pm at the three high school campuses. There is no charge for this service.  Parents who can not travel to a food distribution site at one of our high schools should contact their child’s school between 9am and 2pm so that we can gather information on the needs.

→ NBHS: 114 Scorpion Drive Leland, NC 28451
→ WBHS: 550 Whiteville Road Shallotte, NC 28470
→ SBHS: 280 Cougar Drive, BSL Southport, NC 28461


Matthew’s Ministry, the organization that distributes food for children at schools on Fridays for the weekend, has 3 pickup days planned this week for students who are a part of the Backpack Program.  “Bags of food will be available at these locations for families to drive up and pick up their children’s food .
We are asking families to pick one site (each week) that works best for their schedule and location. A bag of food will be given for each child in the family.” -Matthew’s Ministry

If you would like to donate to the non-profit, please email the organization at


Position: Part-time Building & Grounds Assistant
Hourly Rate: $ 11.58 per hour (no benefits)
Closing Date: May 15, 2020 @ 5:00 p.m.

The City of Southport is seeking to hire one (1) part-time candidate in the Building & Grounds Department. Qualifications for this position include experience in mowing, maintaining parks and other city-owned areas, raking, hedging, loading and removing debris.
• High School Diploma/GED
• Valid North Carolina Driver’s License

Applications: City of Southport, 1029 N. Howe Street, Southport, NC 28461 or online. (State of North Carolina PD-107). All applications should be returned to City Hall or email to:  Resumes will NOT be accepted in lieu of Application for Employment State of North Carolina (PD-107)

April 17, 2020 – 

Mayor of the City of Southport NC, Joseph P. Hatem, MD, MPH addresses recent community questions. Watch it here.

If you would like to submit a question to Mayor Hatem for a future Q&A, please go to the City of Southport website “Contact” to submit your question.

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Unless you meet the qualifications set forth in the Governor’s State of Emergency Order 121 and 131, for a designated “essential “ business, you must remain closed until the order is lifted. There have been some cases where after inquiring, a business has been granted such designation by the NC Department of Revenue. If you have received a letter from them, present that to the enforcement staff when they come by.

The City fully understands the severe hardship this has upon business owners and regret this must be done. However, for the health and safety of all our citizens, we are enforcing the Governor’s order. We all hope this will end soon.

Chris May
Interim City Manager
City of Southport

Dog Bite Prevention Week takes place during the second full week of April each year, and focuses on educating people about preventing dog bites.

Learn how to prevent bites in four simple steps: Dog Bite Prevention Week


In accordance with Executive Order 121 from Governor Roy Cooper as well as the CDC and its guidelines (regarding COVID-19) the City of Southport has postponed or canceled in-person events that consist of 10 people or more that are non-essential. In response to this guidance, the City of Southport will be hosting a virtual Planning Board meeting via Facebook live in order to continue Planning Board business. The meeting will be live streamed on the City of Southport’s social media page: We ask that any concerned citizens submit public comments by email to the Deputy City Clerk Tanya Shannon at


Thomas Lloyd, City Planner

The two uninhabited islands we see from our water front looking towards Bald Head Island are Striking Island and Battery Island. Both small islands are part of the 19 Audubon bird sanctuary islands located along the NC coast. They are not recreation areas for people. Some boaters and kayakers may think it is acceptable to land on the islands. This is not the case. People should not land on the islands and walk around.

Coastal birds need particular habitat to nest. These sanctuary islands provide that habitat and specifically prohibit human use so the habitat is intact and safe for birds. Birds that nest on sanctuary islands include White Ibis, Brown Pelican, Oystercatcher and Terns.

Audubon biologist and sanctuary manager Lindsay Addison, advises you see people on the islands, to call NC WRC law enforcement: 800-662-7137. As the island’s manager and bird monitor, Lindsay can affirm that there is no place people can land, even below mean high water, where they would not be disturbing nesting birds.

If citizens have questions or concerns about wildlife it is also ok to contact our Animal Welfare Officer Kate Marshall at City Hall 910-457-7900 or 910 477-1486. She is very educated about wildlife and is responsible for all animal welfare in Southport.

Virtual Field Trip details:

· What: Virtual Field Trip: Spring Bird Celebration

· When: 9-10:30 a.m., Saturday, April 18

· Who: Audubon North Carolina and you!

· Where: Facebook Live, at

Mountains: Director of Conservation Curtis Smalling shows us singing songbirds in wetlands near Boone.

Piedmont: Director of Engagement Kim Brand gives us an up-close look at the birds nesting in her backyard, from Carolina Wrens to Barred Owls.

Coast: Coastal Biologist Lindsay Addison takes us on a tour of nesting pelicans in the Cape Fear River near Wilmington.

April 7, 2020 –  

Watch the Video Update from Mayor Joseph P. Hatem, MD, MPH

Transcript of Video 

“Surgeon General Shows How to Make Your Own Face Covering”

April 9th Board of Aldermen Meeting

* Board of Aldermen meeting will be held at Community Building, 223 E. Bay Street, at regular time – 6:00 p.m.
* Meeting will be closed to public “in person” attendance in accordance with Governor’s Order restricting of gathering of 10 or more people
* Meeting will be live streamed on Facebook
* Public Comments will be accepted prior to meeting via public submission to

Thank you for your cooperation in adhering to CDC recommendations,
the Governor’s Executive Order and the City’s State of Emergency Regulation to protect the public safety.

To view the live meeting while it is streaming live, open Facebook and search for the “City of Southport NC” page. The video will also be posted to the city website ( and to our new YouTube channel ( shortly after the meeting.

4-9-20 Agenda, Part 1

4-9-20 Agenda, Part 2

4-9-20 Agenda, Part 3

4-9-20 Agenda, Part 4