Southport’s City Government

Southport is governed by a council-manager form of government as detailed in our city charter and the statutes of the State of North Carolina. The City Manager is the administrative head of the city government who directs and supervises the administration of all departments, offices, and agencies of the city. The Board of Aldermen (6 members) and the Mayor constitute the governing body of the city. The Mayor presides over the Board meetings and functions as Southport’s representative for all ceremonial functions.


Board of




A letter from the Mayor

Welcome to Southport

Greetings from Southport! As Mayor of the City of Southport, it is my privilege to welcome you to our City’s website. I hope that you will take an opportunity to explore Southport through these pages, where you will find information about our community and the many services that we provide to visitors, residents, and businesses alike.

Joseph P. Hatem, Mayor
610A West Brown Street
Southport, N. C. 28461
910-477-2573 (Cell)

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Term Expiration: 12/2021

To our Citizens:

I am proud to represent all of our citizens and remain dedicated to improving our neighborhoods and City. I encourage everyone to join us in some way. There are numerous opportunities for involvement with recreational or other programs or service on one of the many boards and committees in town. Additionally, volunteerism thrives in Southport and greatly enhances the quality of life for everyone. Our City works best when we work together.

We want people to love working, playing, and living in our great town. We want it to be a place where you want to reside, raise a family, and retire. We want businesses to start here and to grow and succeed! Improving every facet of our residents’ quality of life will keep Southport as a community of choice in North Carolina.

The Southport Board of Aldermen is committed to developing more effective ways of delivering services and programs to our citizens. We will work hard to make City Hall more effective and responsive to our residents, businesses, and customers. Additionally, we are committed to improving communication with our residents. One of the advantages about the internet is that it is interactive; therefore, we will be utilizing technology as a device to improve communication with our constituency and other interested parties.

Whether you are a citizen or visiting for business or pleasure, we know you will enjoy the many enriching opportunities available in our City. If any of us on City Council or City Staff can assist in making Southport even more accommodating or memorable, you can contact us personally at City Hall. All contact information is on our City of Southport Website. We look forward to hearing from you!

To Our Visitors:

Southport, situated along the shores of the Cape Fear River and Intracoastal Waterway at the river’s mouth of the Atlantic Ocean, is a city rich with history. The ocean, river, and waterway provide a unique abundance of opportunities for outdoor, recreational pursuits.

The Southport area possesses all the amenities of an urban population with small town charm, friendliness, and a peaceful atmosphere. During your visit to our website, we invite you to get to know more about Southport and the surrounding area. To gain a more panoramic view, visit the links provided. They will augment your opportunity to learn about our small part of the world and the many wonderful activities there are to do here. Moreover, you will appreciate the awesome and breathtaking places there are to visit. The residents of Southport are some of the most friendly and happy people in the world. Truly, they make Southport a great place to live, as well as visit.

We are proud of our community’s achievements, rich and diverse heritage, and potential for the future. If you have any questions about Southport, or would like to provide us any feedback about our City, please contact us. We will be happy to hear from you and will strive to provide the information that you need.

The City of Southport’s Governing Board

Board of Aldermen

Mission statement for the City of Southport

“To strive for excellence in our government, project a positive attitude, involve our community and protect our citizens by ensuring a safe, secure and tranquil quality of life with controlled and orderly growth.”

Mayor / Aldermen printable list

Alderman Ward 1

Thomas Lombardi

5021 Oarlock Court
Southport, NC 28461
(910) 640-8017 (cell)

Email Thomas

Term expires 12/2023

Karen Mosteller

310 N. Atlantic Avenue
Southport, NC 28461
(910) 833-2633 (cell)

Email Karen 

Term expires 12/2021

Marc Spencer

701 E. Moore St.
Southport, NC  28461
(910) 363-6147  (cell)

Email Marc

Term expires 12/2021

Alderman Ward 2

Lora Sharkey

432 Cades Trail
Southport, NC 28461
(703) 946-5333  (cell)

Email Lora

Term expires 12/2021

John Allen

 110 W. Nash Street
Southport, NC 28461
(910) 685-0495 (cell)

Email John

Term expires 12/2023

Lowe Davis

 504 Brunswick Street
Southport, NC 28461
(910) 408-7051 (cell)

Email Lowe

Term expires 12/2023 

Board of Aldermen Meetings, Documents, Minutes

Regular Board of Alderman meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday of every month at 6:00 PM in the Southport Community Building, located at 223 East Bay Street, Southport. If a meeting date falls on a holiday, the meeting will be rescheduled, and advertised in the State Port Pilot.

An agenda packet is available for public viewing on the Monday before the Board of Aldermen meeting.  The packets are located at the City Clerk’s office in City Hall and at the Harper Library.  The agenda can also be viewed on the City Calendar.

Board of Aldermen minutes archive please click here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Minutes must be approved at the next regular monthly meeting before they can be posted, so they are available about 1 month + 1 week after the meeting date.

Board of Aldermen Committees

The following committees provide the Board of Aldermen with important and valuable information for making decisions for our city. It is also a place where citizens may have direct input into the decision-making process of the Board. Click on the committee to see member list.

Southport Board of Aldermen Committees

The Chief Administrative Officer for Southport’s Government

City Manager

Mr. Bruce Oakley
City Manager

1029 N Howe St.
Southport, NC 28461
Tel: 910-457-7988
Cell: 910-477-1502
Fax: 910-457-7948

The People Who Serve the Citizens of Southport

Administrative Staff

Keeping the City of Southport running smoothly requires a team of people working together for the common good. If you are looking for a particular Administrative Staff department, please click on the button below for a full list of staff. If you have further questions or can’t find what you are looking for, please contact us using the forms on this site.

Southport City Hall
1029 N. Howe St. Suite 100
Southport, NC 28461

The Keeper of Southport’s Records

City Clerk

The City Clerk’s office maintains and preserves the official records of the City of Southport Board of Aldermen, serves as public records coordinator and corporate secretary of the City. This department is responsible for coordinating meetings of the Board along with the City Manager, preparation of the agenda and agenda packets, codification and distribution of the City Code and ensuring City compliance with state laws related to local government meetings, and to assist Board appointed committees as requested including public notifications and accessibility, keep a list of all Board and Committee appointments i.e. terms of office, expiration dates, etc. at the end of each FY provide an appointment report to the NC Secretary of State on board appointments in accordance with NCGS 143-157.1


The mission of the Southport City Clerk’s office is to provide professional, courteous and efficient service and support to the public, Mayor, Aldermen, City Manager and department heads in all areas that have been designated by the North Carolina General Statutes or assigned and directed by the Board of Aldermen and City Manager.


  1. Provide the public with requested information in a timely manner.
  2. Take and transcribe fact-based meeting minutes accurately in order to establish the historical records and actions of the Board.
  3. Identify and develop processes that will increase citizen satisfaction, develop ways to expedite more efficiently requested information and data by incorporating updated technology in the Clerk’s office.
  4. Maintain effective working relationship with Board of Aldermen, staff, city boards/committees and other agencies.
  5. Safeguard all official permanent records of the Board and provide leadership and advice to all City Departments in terms of the legal requirements for retention and availability of public records.
  6. Pursue technology (such as a laser fiche system) to digitize all records i.e. minutes, deeds, contracts, etc.

For more information about our city government and the roles of the City Manager, Board of Aldermen and the Mayor, contact us.

The City of Southport does not discriminate on the basis of disability. If you need an auxiliary aid, services or other accommodations in order to attend or fully participate in these meetings, please contact the City Clerk’s office as far in advance of the meeting as possible.