The City of Southport

Board of Adjustment

Meetings are held the fourth Tuesday of the month as needed

4:30 p.m.

Indian Trail Meeting Hall
103 W. Moore Street
City of Southport, NC  28461

Board of Adjustment Committee Members

Members are appointed for three year terms.


(Date appointed)


Frank Popelars, Chairman 454-9608 20-Dec-18 ETJ
2 Mr. Harley Lemons, Vice-Chairman 457-0067H                  352-7174C 14-Jul-16 CITY
3 Lisa Fosbury

477-2743H                   919-523-0337C Jan-17 CITY
4 Jennifer Fontaine 547-1737 20-Dec-18 CITY
5 Thomas Lombardi 363-4831 20-Dec-18 CITY
6 Vacant ETJ
7 Matt Green

214-6201 20-Dec-18 CITY
8 Vacant ETJ ALT.
9 Pete Haislip

540-520-1651 Jun-17 CITY ALT.
10 Thomas Lloyd 457-7961 Staff, Planner
11 Tanya Shannon 457-7929 Staff, Deputy City Clerk
12 B. Wayne Strickland 457-7925H                617-6182C Staff, Building Inspector

Board of Adjustment

In general, the board of adjustment is the body established to:

  • Hear appeals of decisions rendered by zoning administrators
  • Interpret unclear provisions in the zoning ordinance
  • Decide on applications by landowners to permit buildings or land uses which vary from the zoning regulations