Yard Waste Decal

Yard Waste decals to be placed on the 95-gallon roll-out carts which are the property and maintenance responsibility of the resident/homeowner.Maximum two (2) decaled carts per resident/homeowner.Reminder:  Please don’t mix yard waste, recycles, and trash.
Reminder: Please place each type of waste in designated containers.


Presentation to Commissioners regarding water sampling and treatment options

If you are interested in viewing the presentation to Commissioners regarding water sampling and treatment options, please click here.

Expired: Cades Cove Paving Project – Informal Bid Information

Posted Date:8/15/2017 1:30 PM
 Project Title: Cades Cove Paving Project
Plans, Specifications, and Bid Sheets  can
be obtained from: Mr.  David L. Menius, P.E.
Stroud Engineering, P. A.
102-D Cinema Drive
Wilmington, NC  28403
910-815-0775 ext 225
Informal Bid Submission Deadline: 3pm, 25 AUG 2017

Expired: Cades Trail Reopens

Cades Cove Storm Drain Repairs are complete

Contact for Questions: David Fox,
Public Services Director 910-457-7935

Expired: NEWS RELEASE Waterfront Closures

Posted Date:8/17/2017 11:00 AM
The Waterfront bulkhead sidewalk, swings and benches have been closed to pedestrian access during the bulkhead repair work per orders of OSHA. City staff will be placing barricades this afternoon. A sign will be erected. The work is projected to be completed by August 31st or sooner.

Expired: Bid- Dangerous Tree & Hanging Limb Removal/Disposal

Public Notice: Bid- Dangerous Tree & Hanging Limb Removal/Disposal
Posted Date: 7/28/2017 4:30 PM
Prospective bidders must submit Dangerous Tree and Limb Removal Southport 2017 proposal prior to August 16.

Digitized bid tabs results. Hangers and Trees Bid Tabulation

Expired: Bid – Debris Removal & Disposal 2017

Public Notice – Debris Removal & Disposal 2017

Phase II Debris Removal and Disposal Contract Southport 2017

Phase II – Curbside Bid Tabulation